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God of Death | A Pokemon gijinka fanmix

Listen to it here

(o1COLLIDE howie day [Even the wrong words seem to rhyme] | (o2 SKYFALL adele [This is the end] | (o3 HANDLEBARS flobots [And I can end the planet in a holocaust] | (o4 DON’T MESS WITH ME temposhark [If you want survival  Kneel on my arrival] | (o5 SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOW pentatonix [Now you’re just somebody that I used to know] | (o6 ICARUS bastille [Icarus is flying towards an early grave] | (o7 A DAZZLING END murray gold | (o8 RADIOACTIVE lindsey stirling & pentatonix [It’s a revolution, I suppose] | (o9 YOU’RE GONNA GO FAR KID the offspring [Trust deceived!] | (10 SECRET the pierces [Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead(11 IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD (AS WE KNOW IT) r.e.m. [It’s the end of the world as we know it  And I feel fine]
God of Life | A Pokemon gijinka fanmix

Listen to it here

(o1COLLIDE howie day [Even the best fall down sometimes] | (o2 COUNTING STARS onerepublic [We’ll be counting stars] | (o3 DIAMONDS steam powered giraffe [Shine bright like a diamond] | (o4 YOU MAKE ME SMILE blue october [I’m stuck in this spin  Where does it begin] | (o5 SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOW pentatonix [Now you’re just somebody that I used to know] | (o6 COSMIC LOVE (SEVEN LIONS REMIX) florence + the machine [So I stayed in the darkness with you] | (o7 BAD APPLE ahe & rockleetist [Ever on and on I continue circling] | (o8 SOUND OF SILENCE simon & garfunkel [And the people bowed and prayed  To the neon god they made] | (o9 I’M NOT THE ONE 3oh!3 [I’m not the one who wants to hurt you] | (10 SECRETS onerepublic [Oh, got no reasons, got no shame(11 IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD (AS WE KNOW IT) r.e.m. [It’s the end of the world as we know it  And I feel fine]

you can all blame sophie i was joking and said this and she told me to do it

so i had to

Handwriting meme tagged by nini

I tag homos.  That’s who I tag.

#hita's life
I have an interview tomorrow!

My interview is for similar work to what I do now but honestly it’s simpler.  And it’s going to be kind of crappy at first but if I stay long enough I can make good money!

So I’m excited.

It’s… also my first job interview so I’m nervous.

But yeah, prolly not gonna be here at all tomorrow.


I present to you the Great and Mighty Moo.

"…What am I even supposed to do with this? Cook it?"

It’s the Great and Mighty Moo, why would you cook it?

Lightshot tried to figure out how to woo Val but ended up wrecking the monitor that’s hooked up to the one computer with internet access on the entire space ship.

gdi lightshot why




yes these are the kind of reasons that are appropriate

but yeah i’m talking about like real-time hime where she is basically the most precious and unique like omg her relationship with the other girls in her life is the most important thing to me and i wish that all that hadn’t just disappeared from the story uwah 

(but that’s kind of the story of bleach: everything in the first couple arcs is basically amazing and everything after is like …. um???? ) 


see i tell people i dont like orihime because mostly im referring to later orihime that loses all that makes her great

but her relationships (especially with chizuru and tatsuki and rukia weh) are great and i love her a lot

honestly during the arrancar act it started coming back but then it was like NO WAIT ROMANTIC TANGLE WEBS WE CANT LIVE WITHOUT THOSE and its like she’d been reaching out to ulquiorra as a friend but the romantic shit happened and i was so freaking angry like


you had to shove her into a relationship role great

so yeah orihime is my favorite lady



inoue orihime is really important to me 

destroy all nonbelievers

Okay so hey Sao I’m gonna say a thing.

love Orihime.

But I also hate how over powered she is and how she’s portrayed by fandom.  Her power was so cool for like… a whole hell of a lot of time.  Then Kubo started going LEVEL UP LEVEL UP LEVEL UP and it was kind of endless and pointless.

And then fandom has like two portrayals of her: self-righteous bitch or complete and total moron.

The moron I get because she’s a ditz but she’s not stupid.  She’s never been stupid.  She’s highly intuitive and tends to know when her presence is needed or not.

So I love Orihime.  I just can’t like how people portray her or all her overpowering in an attempt to keep up with the hyper powers going on in the series.

I need to draw more Orihime god I love her.