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He Waits (weird AU LOZ TP/MM Zant fic)

I don’t know what was going on in my brain.  But Zant in the events of Majora’s Mask or something.  IDK.  Imagine him being like the Navi of MM but only at the end.

Summary:  He waits for it’s what has been commanded of him.
Warning(s):  vaguely mentioned character death by giant moon in what is probably the land of the dead so character redeath?
Character(s):  Zant, Skull Kid, mentions of The Moon, Link, and Midna

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                                        In her GALAXIES

A mix for the space case.  The track list is a surprise.

Hey hi time to start out my life in the Zant tag with a headcanon

'Cause hita is stupid and this is how I introduce myself.

Okay but… what if Zant was blind?

Below the read more ‘cause damn I got chatty.

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I ordered a binder from Underworks (thanks Dmi!) and while I’m like

kinda wigged because i feel boobs?

i dont seeboobs


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Work is going good so far :)

P sure I’m going to get full time



even the au where val’s a 3’ft tall cat and has a crush on Human!Lightshot.

Lightshot belongs to Hita

Okay but legit speak here: all AUs are actually canon in STUX.

STUX operates on a multiverse level and literally every possibility is its own universe or reality.  As tightly controlled as the ‘verse is, however, not much bleeds through.  Meaning if we have an AU where like… one thing is different (i.e. LS is a legit chick, Flare’s actually willing to fight, the Baguettemobile has an actual name, etc.) it’s its own universe.  Because Shadowsong and Fluffer Nutter are nuts.

I think this is one of my fave AUs though.  PSA, its name is Rolling Space Garbage.

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Ibby misses Brian a lot

He’s visiting his girlfriend